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The following are some of the questions our prospective clients have asked :

1.     Is there parking at or near the house ?

Yes there are two parking bays, one immediately outside the garage door and another just opposite. There are also three common bays three doors up opposite the church. Having said that the access road up to the top of the village where our house is located is quite narrow and you may not feel comfortable driving up. Normally we suggest that clients use Nadia, who will meet you in the village, drive you and your bags up to the house. You can then decide whether you are happy to drive yourself or park in the town square. The town square is only a short walk from the house and a high percentage of our clients park there without any problems.

2.      How much room is on the terrace ?

There are 6 chairs and a table on the terrace. So you can comfortable fit 6. It is a great place to relax of a summers evening with a glass of red and 360 degree views of the vineyards of the Cote du Rhone. There is also space to place the portable BBQ, normally stored in the kitchen. The BBQ is electric and very easy to clean.

3.       What shops are in the village ?

The village although small has a really good range of shops. There is of course the Bar de Sports a great place to sit in the shade of the umbrellas with a cold beer, a glass of wine, or a coffee and watch the world go by, albeit quite slowly. The supermarket has recently come under new management and now has a very good range of fruit, vegetables, cheeses, wine, cold meets and fresh milk. We have two bakeries, the smell of fresh baked croissant and other delicacies in the morning is one of the delights of being in France. We also have a butcher, a crapery, two haidressers, a wood fired pizza  bar  and a restuarant all in the village square.

4.      Where can we eat ?

The Bar de Sports serves lunch every day and in the peak season dinner at night. Les Ramparts is a good quality restuarant in the village square. If you are after fine dining Les Abeilles is just at the bottom of the hill. Your hosts Johannes and Marlise will make sure have a wonderfull meal, some of the best I have ever eaten. Being France there are also an abundance of restuarants in all the neighbouring towns. I am sure you will run out of time before you run out of places to eat.

5.     Do you have a swimming pool ?

Unfortunately we do not and nor is there a public swimming pool in the village. The nearest pool is at Vaison La Romaine about 12kms away. Vaison is quite a large town and the pool complex is very good. You can spend some time going through the Roman Ruins which are right next door.

6.     What facilities are in the house and the apartment ?

Both the La Grande and La Petite Maison are fully equipped :

  • Washing machines and dryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Hairdryers - no need to bring one
  • Heated towel racks in all bathrooms
  • A bath in the main ensuite of La Grande Maison
  • Telephones, with free international and local calls
  • Satellite TV and DVD players
  • Stoves and ovens
  • Microwaves
  • Fully equipped kitchens
  • Electric BBQs, very easy to clean
  • Overhead fans in all bedrooms and living areas in La Grande Maison
7.      Why no airconditioning ?

Sablet can get pretty warm in the summer months. However the house is really well insulated and with the 2 foot thick rock walls and shutters it stays wonderfully cool even during the hottest days. The overhead fans are just right for that perfect night's sleep. 

8.     What about heating ?

There is a wood fire in the lounge room of La Grande Maison as well as oil filled column heaters in all the rooms. You do not need to light the fire as the column heaters provide all the warmth you need. Having said that there is nothing quite like sitting in front of log fire abd there is plenty of firewood in the garage.

9.     Are there places to sit outside ?

Yes definitely. There two terraces in La Grande Maison, one on top of the building, apart from the church spire the highest viewing point in the village. You can sit up there and get 360 degree views without having to get off your chair. We now have a wrought iron ballustrade around the front terrace, an ideal place to sit in the heat of the day as it is north facing and in the shade from about midday on during the summer.

For La Petite Maison we have what we call the church garden. This is a small secluded park just across the road from house. Mary and I often have a drink of an evening or a BBQ when we are staying in the apartment.

10.     What is there to do when in Sablet ?

Too many things to mention but here are a few :

  • Hiking in the Dentelles, the range of hills just behind the village. The options range from walking to nearby Seguret a few kilometers to really serious hiking. There are walking tracks throughout and the views can be spectacular. Look up the things to on this website.
  • Bike Riding - the options are endless. A few suggested routes are on the bicycle touring page.
  • Golf - I tried out 4 nearby golf courses this year - see notes on the Things To Do page
  • Bouldering and rock climbing for the enthusiasts. Some world famous sites nearby.
  • Roman Ruins at Vaison La Romaine, Orange, Nimes and of course Pont du Gard.
  • Markets - there are local village markets every day of the week at various towns withing 10 to 30 minutes drive.
  • There are some really special towns nearby, Isle sur La Sorge, Fountaine de Vaucluse, Gordes, Rousillion, Nimes, Nyons, Grignan, Carpentras and the list goes on.
  • Avignon and the Palais des Papes ( seat of the Catholic Church for over 100 years ). You could easily spend a whole day or more at Avignon.
  • If you feel a hankering for the beach the Mediterranean is only an hours drive to the south

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